Manager Class DocumentationΒΆ

class eptransition.manager.TransitionManager(original_input_file)[source]

Bases: object

This class is the main manager for performing transition of an input file to the latest version.

Developer note: This class raises many exceptions, so logging.exception is handled at the level of the code calling these functions within a try/except block. These functions do logging, but only the info/debug level.

Parameters:original_input_file (str) – Full path to the original idf to transition

This function manages the transition from one version to another by opening, validating, and writing files


Final transitioned idf structure; raises exception for failures

  • FileAccessException – if a specified file does not access
  • FileTypeException – if a specified file type does not match the expected condition
  • ManagerProcessingException – if there is a problem processing the contents of the files
rvi_mvi_replace(original_file_path, new_file_path, output_rule)[source]